I am Josse Lyons. Novelist, Management Consultant, Motivational Speaker, and Face Reader

About Me

Josse Lyons (born 1976) is a software professional turned novelist in Malayalam language. He was into theatre activities during his academic years. He has performed over 500 stages and won several accolades for his performances between 1991 and 2001. He is a senior management consultant in the information technology field. In the later part of his career, he was heading strategic management consulting groups in IT organizations. In 2010, he came back to the field of art and literature with self-publishing poems and short stories. "God Particles", first self-published short story, came in top 20 downloads in Amazon. Later he worked on same short story to build into a full-fledged Malayalam Novel "Dhaiva Kanikakal" one of the best seller for a newcomer in Malayalam language in 2015. This is published by Green Books, the publisher of Best Seller and one of the best Malayalam Novels "Aadujeevitham". He also runs an initiative known as face genome. He conducts corporate seminars on the subject "Art of face reading for corporate leaders".


A multidimensional personality with unique creative wisdom and an inspirational speaker, works in multiple areas starting from fiction to information technology.


Book Projects

Buy Dhaivakanikakal by clicking the following link. I am working on my second novel, a satire that will be released soon

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Face Reading Seminars

I conduct seminars on face reading. Theme : "Art of face reading for leaders using Facegenome"

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A collection of my Malayalam poems, some of them romantic, a few of them lite soul search based

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Management Consulting

Strategic road maps, Participative Business planning, Operational improvements, Leadership, Management training

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Quote from the Novel, Daivakanikakal:

“I am Mirror, when you trust me, you are trusting yourself”

Face Reading

Workshops and Seminars on Face Reading techniques (Face Genome Seminars)

Face Genome is a concept based on scientific physiognomy. Josse Lyons conducts face reading seminars globally along with motivational speaking assignments. He has conducted Face Reading seminars in various multinational companies in many countries. He is also well known for humor rich talks with his back ground in theatre, mimic plays. Modern world calls the science as face reading art. The famous quote says face is the mirror of mind. The study in this field would help the business managers to understand people and work towards the goal by managing people by understanding people. It is about mining the face of a stranger. It is about understanding our self. It is about motivating people to attain their goals in right spirit. It is about influencing and making a positive impact on people, the way, they see the world.

Who Can Learn Face Reading?

  • Anybody who understands the subjective world
  • If you are continuous learner and observer
  • Useful in Sales and Business development scenes
  • Building relationship in very quick and influence people positively
  • Useful in day to day life, if required* Useful for evening funs……(Note: It is not gestures reading, that is different science)
  • Too much judgments, does not help (Remember Scotland Yard/FBI use this ONLY to support a case)
  • Too much self-reading or reading close friends/colleagues/relatives won’t help your cause
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